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Movie Maker.

This is an utility to create movie file from image sequence. It consists of some scripts and GUI for it. Scripts are written on Python and GUI is written on PyQt, so Python and PyQt must be installed. Scripts use other utilities: ImageMagick to draw annotations and ffmpeg to encode.

Mavishky dialog constructs and launches script. It is a GUI for this command.

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This script creates a movie from images sequence. It consists of two stages. Reformat, annotate input images and store them in temporary directory. Encode temporary images into the movie. script uses script to reformat and annotate each frame. It passes all information through command line arguments to this script. There are some templates how to annotate images. This templates are command arguments to ImageMagick convert utility. Templates stored in cgru/utilities/moviemaker/templates folder. You can choose template in GUI or specify it in command argument. It can also produce a slate, if you specify a slate template.

Codec presets are stored in movemaker folder. First line is the name of a preset, second is an encode command. You can choose preset in GUI or specify it in command argument.

Scan Scan

It is an utility to scan folder and its sub-folders for an images sequences, and to create moves from them. It consists of a command and a GUI for it. Both are Python scripts, GUI is on PyQt. Command script scans folders for images and launches for each sequence.

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Since 1.6.7 (at 2012.12.03) site moved to Project


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