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CGRU Installation


You can use SVN to check out latest version:

$ svn co cgru

And build it yourself.

Setup Environment:

You can setup you $PATH and $PYTHONPATH variables, to use Afanasy commands and to import Python module.

To setup CGRU commands and Python module, you need to go in CGRU folder and source a script:

$ cd cgru
$ source ./

You can put next lines at the end of your ~/.bashrc file:
pushd .../cgru; source ./; popd
And shell will automatically source it at every launch.

MS Windows: cmd scripts are also provided (its do the same).


CGRU examples are located in cgru/examples directory.
General tools for specific soft are located in cgru/plugins/[software_name] folder.
Afanasy Tools for specific soft are located in cgru/afanasy/plugins/[software_name] folder.
Examples has software launching scripts to make them to run with CGRU and Afanasy setup.
Documentation for specific soft in located in cgru/plugins/[software_name]/doc folder.
Run examples by executing script from it example directory.
To launch Blender example:
$ cd cgru/examples/blender
$ ./

MS Windows: You can double click application launch script in cgru\start directory, or create link to it, to launch example run its script.
Example for Blender: cgru\examples\blender\start_blender.cmd

Since 1.6.7 (at 2012.12.03) site moved to Project


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