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Most important CG Rule is turning around the way to launch software.
  1. Do not let producers to torture you much.

    bad producer This is the most important rule for artists!
    You should download and print this graphics.
  2. Try to use working directories and relative paths.

    If you launch software in asset directory you can use relative paths. So you can relocate asset with no need to fix paths to it's sources. It's very useful if you work with another company or in different places, and to exchange scenes (assets).
  3. The NIMBY Situation.

  4. Complex projects (assets) can have own software setup*.

    Different projects and even sub-projects (assets) can use different software versions at the same time (with different scripts, compiled plug-ins etc). Project setup is stored with project. You can restore old project and the way it launches software will be restored too.
  5. Spending much time with machines do not forget that we are humans.


* The simplest way to store software setup in projects is to keep launching scripts in its assets (sub-projects) root. To launch Nuke with setup for special asset user must run Nuke in asset root directory. For example:
$ cd projects/[project name]/[asset name]
$ ./nuke
Where ./nuke is a script which points to special Nuke version and its scripts and plug-ins.
But better to have a command nuke in PATH which will search in parent folders from current for a special setup script.

Since 1.6.7 (at 2012.12.03) site moved to Project


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