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You can setup Afanasy to Wake-On-LAN machines.

Wake-On-LAN work-flow:

  • Server sends a message to client to ask him to sleep.
  • Client receives message from server to sleep.
  • Client executes a wolsleep command which can be customized in Afanasy configuration.
  • Client falls a sleep.
  • Server does not receive updates from client and make it offline.
  • Server "decides" to wake a render up.
  • Server adds a task wolwake mac1 .. macN to system job wake-on-lan block. wolwake command can be customized in Afanasy configuration.
  • Another online and ready render executes the task.
  • This task sends magic packet for each mac address of a sleeping render to a broadcast address. It is a small Python script provided with CGRU.
  • Render wakes up.

If is a new feature. Not well tested.

You can wake and sleep renders by afwatch GUI and afcmd command.


See server configuration about XML configuration files.

  • render_cmd_wolsleep = wolsleep
    Sleep command performed by a render client.

  • render_cmd_wolwake = wolwake
    Wake command constructed by a server and performed on a online client by the system job.

  • sysjob_wol_service = wakeonlan
    Service type for Wake-On-LAN system block. This parameter is commented in default configuration, "system" name used.

Since 1.6.7 (at 2012.12.03) site moved to Project


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