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Afanasy User

User Attributes:

  • Name - Each user has an unique name. If new user comes to server with the name which already exists, server change it's name by adding a number.
  • Need - Not solved user with greatest need value will get next free host (if he or his jobs are able to do it). We are simply sorted by this value in solving function. Need depends on user's priority and number of running hosts.
  • Solved - User successfully solved (produced a task) at last solving cycle.
  • Host Name - Host name where last job was send from.
  • Registration Time - Time when user becomes permanent.
  • Jobs List - User jobs list.
  • Jobs Number - Number of jobs user has.
  • Running Jobs Number - Number of currently running jobs user has.
  • Hosts Number - Total number of hosts all running jobs user has.
  • Online Time - Time when user was registered on server.

User Editable Parameters:

Since 1.6.7 (at 2012.12.03) site moved to Project


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