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Afanasy Software Integration

You can use AFANASY Starter to construct and submit jobs. It is a stand-alone dialog and so you do not need to lauch software application this way. It is the simples way to send jobs.

If you are able to create and run python script, you can use afanasy to distribute any soft (command lines).

Some soft (Houdini, Nuke, Maya, Blender, Softimage) has an embedded python. So you can create a job directly from it. It is very comfortable to get render scene information and to send it to afanasy within the same script.

If you software does not have python, you can generate a job from command line arguments. Afanasy has a simple utility afjob for it. Or you can generate a concrete python script for your scene and run it.

Full integration with soft consumes:

  • Service description script
  • Parser script to get running task progress
  • Some GUI to launch a job. It can be integrated in application node network, like Houdini ROP or Nuke Gizmo.

CGRU software scripts are located in:
cgru/plugins/[software name]

AFANASY specific software scripts are located in:
cgru/afanasy/plugins/[software name]

Some examples of software integration with afanasy are located in:

Required Environment:

To setup CGRU environment you need to source setup script in CGRU root folder:
$ cd .../cgru
$ source ./

For example you can put next line at the end of your ~/.bashrc file:
pushd .../cgru; source ./; popd
End your shell will automatically setup on every launch.

CGRU examples already have a commands which setup environment and then run application.
Example for NUKE:
$ cd .../cgru/examples/blender
$ ./

MS Windows cmd scripts are also provided (its do the same).
You can just double-click 'nuke.cmd' example to launch it (it will start in current explorer directory).

Since 1.6.7 (at 2012.12.03) site moved to Project


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