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Afanasy Farm Setup

After general configuration, Afanasy try to load cgru/afanasy/farm.xml to setup a farm. If this file does not exists it load cgru/afanasy/farm_example.xml which setup default farm and provided as an example to copy and modify to describe your hosts.

  • pattern name="pattern name"

    • mask
      Hosts which names matches this A mask will take this pattern settings.

    • description
      Does not mean anything for sever, job or render host, only for humans.

    • os
      Operating system name. Can be matched by jobs.

    • capacity
      Running Tasks maximum capacity value.

    • maxtasks
      Maximum number of simultaneously running tasks.

    • power
      Some number which minimum can be needed by jobs.

    • properties
      Some string which matching can be needed by jobs.

    • service name="type" count="limit number"
      List of names and counts of available services.

    • remservice name="type"
      List of service names to remove.

    • clearservices
      Clear all previously collected services.

  • service name="service" maxcount="limit number" maxhosts="limit number"
    Service limit on entire farm. You can use it to describe software licenses limits.
    name - Service name.
    maxhosts - Maximum number of different hosts service can run on.
    maxcount - Maximum number of service total starts (no matter on the same host or not).

Host will take parameters from every matched pattern. Each next pattern will redefine specified parameter. If parameter is not specified host will use parameter from previously matched pattern. If you want to remove some previously defined service use remservice field.

First pattern mask in default farm is ".*" - means that host with any name will take some default settings.

Since 1.6.7 (at 2012.12.03) site moved to Project


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