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Afanasy Render Configuration

See server configuration about XML configuration files.

  • cmd_shell not defined by default.
    Shell command used to launch any other command. It is important that it will be used by render to launch task process. If not defined build-in values are used:
    UNIX: "/bin/bash -c"
    MS Windows: "cmd.exe /c"

  • render_default_capacity = 1000
    Default render capacity value, if not set in farm config.

  • render_default_maxtasks = 5
    Maximum allowed simultaneously running tasks on render, if not set in farm config.

  • render_hddspace_path = /
    Path to measure free disk space ('/' - for MS Windows means the root of the system disk).

  • render_networkif = (?!lo$).*
    Network interface(s) name pattern to measure network traffic on. It will be a sum of traffic if several interfaces matching pattern are founded. Specified above default pattern matches any name except lo (loopback interface name).

  • render_iostat_device = sda
    Device to measure disk IO statistics (for MS Windows - statistics only for first disk available).

  • render_resclasses = example;iostat
    Custom resources meter(s). Python class name(s), if several - list separated with ';' character.

  • render_customiostat_devices = sda
    Device(s) for custom python resource meter "iostat". To watch several devices use regular expression, for example "sda[2-4]". If several devices matching pattern are founded, it calculates the sum of traffic parameters and maximum of utilization parameters.

  • render_nice = 10
    Renice task command process on render.

  • render_update_sec = 5 (seconds)
    Render resources update interval.

  • render_updatetaskperiod = 1 (seconds)
    Period to render to update task state or percentage (even if there is no parser).

  • render_zombietime = 60 (seconds)
    Time to server to delete render if there is no update (resources usage) for this period.

  • render_connectretries = 3
    Connection fails times to consider to render that there is no connection to server.

  • render_waitforconnected = 15000 (milliseconds)
    Time to wait for connection establishing to consider that connection is available.

  • render_waitforreadyread = 15000 (milliseconds)
    Time to wait for incoming data to consider that connection is not lost.

  • render_waitforbyteswritten = 15000 (milliseconds)
    Time to wait for writing data to consider that connection is not lost.

  • render_logs_linesmax = 100
    Server truncates log above this limit.

  • render_logs_rotate = 10
    Server store logs of renders with the same name by renaming old. It adds a number to the end of old file name (logs rotating).

  • render_cmd_reboot = reboot
    Command for render to reboot a machine. For MS Windows you can use "shutdown /r".

  • render_cmd_shutdown = shutdown -P 1 afrequest
    Command for render to shutdown a machine. For MS Windows you can use "shutdown /s".

Since 1.6.7 (at 2012.12.03) site moved to Project


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