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Afanasy Render Host

Render is a client application. It runs on a semote host and communicates with server. Server sends tasks to render to run.

Launch script:
$ afanasy/launch/

Launch command (when Afanasy environment set):
$ afrender

Render Attributes:

  • Name - Each render has an unique name. If new render comes to server with the name which already exists, server will not register it. Users and jobs hosts masks (huntgroup) are based on render names and QT Regular Expressions (they are Perl-like).
    To launch another render on the same host use AF_HOSTNAME environment variable to override render name.

  • Address - IP address and port that render listening, if online.
  • Network Interfaces - Network interfaces information (name, mac and ips).

  • Launch Time - Time the application was launched.
  • Registration Time - Time the render was registered on server.
  • Last Update Time - Last time the render has update its resources usage.
  • WOL Opreration Time - Time the last any WOL operation was performed.

  • Tasks - Running tasks number and some its attributes (user, job, etc.).
  • Capacity Used - Capacity used by running tasks.

Render Editable Parameters:

  • Render User - Who launched a render. Can be changed only by administrators. Note that process do not change uid. This value for afanasy only.
  • Priority - Render with greater priority get task first.
  • Capacity - You can override host farm setup (see below) capacity.
  • Max Tasks - You can override host farm setup (see below) maximum running tasks.
  • Disabled Services - You can disable host farm setup (see below) service.
  • Render State:
    • Online - Render is online.
    • nimby - Render is taken by his user. Only render user can render on it.
    • NIMBY - Render is taken by his user and he don't want to render on it.
    • Busy - Render executing one or more tasks.
    • Dirty - Render capacity changed or some service disabled.
    • WOLFalling - Render is falling a sleep. It was asked to sleep, but still online.
    • SWOLSleeping - Render is sleeping.
    • SWOLWaking - Render is waking up. It was asked to wake up but still is not online.
  • Annotation - Annotate render GUI item.

Render Host Attributes:

Render Host Resources Usage:

To register a render already in [nimby|NIMBY] state use command:

$ afrender [nimby|NIMBY]

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