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Block Object

Block constructor

  • block = af.Block(blockname, blocktype)

    Construct a new block and return it.

Block variables

  • block.tasks = [ ]

    Tasks list. Not used in numeric block.

Block functions

  • block.setCapacity(number)

    Set block Capacity value.

  • block.setCmdPost(command)

    Set block Post command.

  • block.setCmdPre(command)

    Set block Pre command.

  • block.setCommand(command)

    Set block Command.

  • block.setDependMask(mask)

    Set block Depend Mask.

  • block.setDependSubTask()

    Allow block Sub Tasks Dependence.

  • block.setErrorsAvoidHost(number)

    Set block Errors Avoid Host - maximum number or errors on same host for job NOT to avoid host.

  • block.setErrorsRetries(number)

    Set block Error Retries - maximum number of errors in task to retry it automatically.

  • block.setErrorsTaskSameHost(number)

    Set block Errors Task Same Host - maximum number or errors on same host for task NOT to avoid host.

  • block.setErrorsForgiveTime(number)

    Set block Errors Forgive Time - time to forgive error host.

  • block.setFiles(image file name)

    Set block Files argument.

  • block.setFramesPerTask(number)

    Set block Frames Per Task number.

  • block.setHostsMask(mask)

    Set block Hosts Mask.

  • block.setHostsMaskExclude(mask)

    Set block Exclude Hosts Mask.

  • block.setMaxRunningTasks(number)

    Set block Maximum Running Tasks parameter.

  • block.setMaxRunTasksPerHost(number)

    Set block Maximum Running Tasks Per Host parameter.

  • block.setMultiHost(int min, int max, int waitmax, bool sameHostMaster, const char * service, int waitsrv)

    Set block tasks to be able to run on several hosts and set Multi Hosts Tasks parameters.

  • block.setNeedHDD(gigabytes)

    Set block Disk Space Needed in gigabytes.

  • block.setNeedMemory(megabytes)

    Set block Memory Needed in megabytes.

  • block.setNeedPower(power)

    Set block Needed Host Power mask.

  • block.setNeedProperties(mask)

    Set block Needed Host Properties mask.

  • block.setNumeric(start, end, [perTask=1])

    Set block to numeric Numeric type.

  • block.setParser(type)

    Set block tasks Parser Type name.

  • block.setTasksDependMask(mask)

    Set block Tasks Depend Mask.

  • block.setTasksMaxRunTime(seconds)

    Set block Tasks Maximum Running Time limit (in seconds).

  • block.setTasksName(name)

    Set block Tasks Name.

  • block.setVariableCapacity(min, max)

    Set block capacity to variable, through Capacity Coefficients - maximum and minimun values.

  • block.setWorkingDirectory(directory)

    Set block tasks Working Directory.

Since 1.6.7 (at 2012.12.03) site moved to Project


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