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Afanasy MS Windows Client

  1. Get CGRU

    Download the latest release and unpack.

  2. Launch

    Use Keeper to launch applications.

    Afanasy applications launch scripts are located in cgru/start/AFANASY directory.
    afrender.cmd - render slave client.
    afwatch.cmd - GUI.
    aftalk.cmd - chat client.
    The binaries are located in afanasy/bin directory.

    Setup & Launch page shows how to run Afanasy applications and to use Python module to send jobs.

  3. Web Server

    If it installed on afanasy server, it available at

    http://[afanasy server computer name, or IP address]

    Or ask your admin configured it.

You can build the latest version yourself using MSVC. Dowload and install Qt. Use Git or Subversion to get code and CMake to build MSVC project files.
Go to afanasy/src/project.cmake folder.
Launch win_build_msvc.cmd to make MSVC project.

Also you can build Afanasy using QMake or Ruby Mxx_ru.

Since 1.6.7 (at 2012.12.03) site moved to Project


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